Olfactive logo

The value of being unique.

The value of being unique. More and more, the field of retail produces new alternatives for building corporate image. And one of them is the olfactory dimension, which helps consolidate the differential positioning for brands. From Airmooding we develop special olfactive logos, aromatic efficient ways to optimize identification. We design customized fragrances that create unique environments and add value, giving each brand a special essence and immediate recognition.
This olfactive logo exclusive for the brand may be also expressed in different products and special developments according to customer needs.

Diffusion systems

Technologies to be different.

As leaders of the olfactory branding we empower identity and brand experience by providing professional systems for aroma diffusion in large environments. From devices installed on air conditioning ducts to portable or large scale equipment.

In Airmooding diffusion systems we use cold air, which is the most efficient and effective volatilization essence vehicle, making them ultra cool mist micro particles which can only be detected by the sense of smell.

Mood Lab

Masters perfumists

We work with the best masters perfumists specializing in environmental aromas with identity (brand odotypes) and apply the fragrances developed through the most modern technology (professional environmental flavoring systems).

The carrier channel identity par excellence of this service is likely MOOD LAB where Odotypes are evaluated before being presented to the client. To learn more about our services you will get a visit from an olfactory marketing consultant who interpret the needs of your company and then request the development of a odotype.