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airmooding solutions


Following a global trend in growth, brands develop fragrances that identify them subliminally. It is the last unexplored frontier of the promise of brand value.

In AIRMOODING we offer a brand experience that goes beyond spreading a pleasant fragrance in a retail space. We developed the art of analyzing the brand identity of a company, its branding messages, its target audience and combine it with an olfactive logo that will amplify remembrance, sensations, feelings, knowledge and behaviours of customers. Creating a unique experience through scent may be highly effective in an environment where other sensory stimuli also act as lighting, sound and visual luxury establishing emotional connections with consumers that remain in their memory even after leaving the store.

Corporate buildings

A fragrance can encourage greater self-confidence, alertness, calmness or cooperation.

Smell is the sense most linked to emotions and moods, . An olfactive logo can be developed for business atmospheres that are B2B (business-to-business), corporate meetings and workspaces creating efficient working environment and reducing stress. Scientific research confirms that essential oils in fragrances eliminate airborne bacteria, viruses and fungi.In general, citrus scents such as grapefruit, orange and lemon impact in self-confidence in situations of stress as a job interview or an important business presentation. Some scents that enhance alertness and productivity in the office include lavender, eucalyptus, geranium, rosemary, grapefruit and green tea among its raw materials.

airmooding solutions


Technology develops a special environment in several respects, and scenting is a variable that can help create a special atmosphere.

In a sector where competitiveness is strong and stylistic uniformity is on the rise, the possibility of differentiation through an aromatic identity is becoming more relevant to AIRMOODING. The development of services and solutions of scent marketing in the stores of technology commercialization is based on the integration of senses to build value from the uniqueness of each brand.

airmooding solutions
airmooding solutions


In the highly competitive industry of Banking and Finance, retaining customers is extremely important to successful trading.

The major banks have understood that the aromatization of its branches is effective to enhance the experience and satisfaction of its customers and a powerful way to retain them. A fragrance can create a relaxed atmosphere to calm anxious customers or limit the frustration of waiting to be served by generating a positive experience and a more positive perception of the company.


In no other segment as in health, the transmission of security and confidence becomes so vital.

The ability to create sensations and stimuli from the aroma is today a differentiating factor for the corporate image and user experience. Transmitting institutional values ​​from this perspective can generate strong long-term relationships and greater efficiency in building brand equity. AIRMOODING develops olfactory solutions with technology and innovation for health entities environments, with olfactive logos and diffusion systems which are adaptable at all scales.

airmooding solutions


Today, the improvement in creating unique experiences in the hospitality industry shows that the hotels are destinations in themselves.

When entering a Luxury or a Boutique Hotel there is a visual impact and aesthetic harmony, one can perceive music which creates a pleasant atmosphere and if you add a fragranced welcome it makes the customer feel special and cared for.The perception of design, professionalism in service and brand of your hotel may be intensified by developing the right olfactory logo, creating a powerful connection with your guests who seek to repeat the experience in the near future. Through our systems we can aromatize surfaces of several thousand square meters and optimize the olfactory branding identification in any physical space.

airmooding solutions